Doctors in Uruguay

December clinics, comprehensive care in ophthalmology, dentistry, nutrition, without delay and at reasonable costs.

Oculista sin Demoras

December clinics, comprehensive care in ophthalmology, dentistry, nutrition,
without delay and at reasonable costs.
Av. Brasil 2473 - Pocitos - Montevideo - Uruguay

Consultorio Clínico Libertad

Consultorio Clínico Libertad Color Doppler echocardiogram individuals and health institutions.
El Viejo Pancho 2586 - Pocitos - Montevideo - Uruguay

Clinics and hospitals in Uruguay
Medical Assistance: We have three offices, collection room, waiting room and administrative space. We are about 20 professionals at the Shopping Clinic, we...

Centros médicos y ambulatorios en los Estados Unidos -
Medicina deportiva - acupuntura - masoterapia - homeopatía - terapias florales fisioterapia - osteopatía - electroterapia - reeducación postural - rehabilitación....

U.C.I. Ambulancias Prrivadas Perez Zeledon

- Marindia - Canelones - Uruguay

EMEL Servicios a la Salud

We ambulance transfers common or specialized nursing services and procedures at home.
Martin Garcia 2294 - Tres Cruces - Montevideo - Uruguay

Consultorio de Acupuntura y Homeopatía

Practice specializing in Medical Acupuncture treatments and homeopathic medicine.
Rheumatic diseases, respiratory, digestive, etc.
Anxiety, Insomnia.
Preventive and curative treatments.
Av. Cabildo casi Cortés, chalet Ursala - Maldonado
Buxareo 1177 apto. 802 - Montevideo - Maldonado - Uruguay

General surgery in Uruguay
Unique and certified surgeons dedicated to complex hepatobiliary surgery and abdominal surgery in Puerto Rico. ...

Mones Traducciones

I specialize in translation and editing of articles, papers and reports to and from English in the fields of genetics, biochemistry, medicine, pharmacy and laboratory.
Jackson 1028 ap. 002 - Parque Rodó - Montevideo - Uruguay

Clínica Dr. Carlos Palacio

Clínica Dr. Carlos Palacio Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery and Reconstructive Medicine led by Dr. Carlos Palacio. He specializes in all aspects of cosmetic surgery and breast implant surgery as well as in nerve reconstruction, breast reconstruction and vascular reconstructive microsurgery.
Marti 3435 esq. Rambla - Pocitos - Montevideo - Uruguay

Ecografías 4D - Dra. Rosina Mangarelli

4D ultrasounds Ecographic Multidisciplinary Clinic, ultrasounds pregnancy: obstetric ultrasound, transvaginal ultrasound, nuchal translucency, structural ultrasound and doppler ultrasound.
Costa Rica 1649 y Schroeder - Carrasco - Montevideo - Uruguay

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