Dentists in Montevideo, Uruguay

Treatments: * general dentistry * children * teens * grown ups * orthopedics * orthodontics * endodontics (root canals).

Dental clinic Dra. Rosario Rodríguez Albornoz

Dental clinic Dra. Rosario Rodríguez Albornoz Treatments:

* General dentistry

* Children

* Teens

* Grown ups

* Orthopedics

* Orthodontics

* Endodontics (root canals)

* Extractions (tooth extractions)

* Full Prosthesis

* Removable partial denture

* Chromos

* Fixed Bridges

* Implants

* Aesthetics

* Blanqueamientos

* Prophylactic fluortopicacion

* Neuromiorelajantes Plates

* Plates for athletes
Av Brasil 3123/304 - Pocitos - Montevideo - Uruguay

Red Odontológica Metropolitana

Network of doctor's offices deprived with centers of attention in different zones from the city. All the specialties: You implant, prothesis, ortodoncia, restorations, surgeries. Affiliations with immediate rights. Familiar plans. Special discounts in treatments to our partners.
Consultorios en distintos puntos de la ciudad. - Centro - Montevideo - Uruguay

Clínicas dentales en los Estados Unidos -
Salud y estética dental para toda la familia! Se realizan todos los tratamientos: extracciones, resinas, prótesis, puentes, limpieza de sarro, blanqueamiento dental, restauraciones...

Dental implants in Uruguay -
Esthetic dentistry, dental implants, aesthetics dentistry, dental implants - oral solve problems of our patients through innovative solutions, efficiently, with quality service vocation. ...

Consultorio Odontologico

Doctor's office specialized in implantologia oral.
We include all the specialties furthermore: ortodoncia-orthopaedics, aesthetic, rehabilitation, periodoncia, blanqueamientos, etc.
8 de Octubre 3077 - Parque Batlle Villa Dolores - Montevideo - Uruguay

Clinica Dental Estetica e Implantes Doctor Wolfsoh

Clinica Dental Estetica e Implantes Doctor Wolfsoh The multidisciplinary team of Professor Dr. Bernardo Wolfsohn performs a comprehensive treatment of oral health, and specializes in cosmetic, botox and hyaluronic acid for facial rejuvenation, orthodontics and orthopedics and rehabilitation of high complexity, with special focus on oral implantology and tissue regeneration.
Mercedes 1567 - Cordón - Montevideo - Uruguay

dentista en montevideo Punto Odontológico

dentista en montevideo Punto Odontológico Health and cosmetic dentistry for the entire family!

Extractions, resins, dentures, bridges, cleaning of tartar, teeth whitening, aesthetic restorations, dental prevention, periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics: all treatments are performed. emergency.


Children, youth, adults and seniors.

Special rates for family groups
Bulevar España 2277 (entre Juan Paullier y Acevedo Diaz) Parque Rodó - Montevideo - Uruguay
Rpte: Dra. Matilde Abella Aiscar

Smile design in Montevideo
Dental office, with high quality standards in orthodontics, oral rehabilitation, periodontics, orthopedics functional dental implants. ...

OdontoSys - Software Odontológico.

The program is known for being easy to use and adapted to the needs of each particular office, besides having several interesting features, each designed with a clear objective, eg sending SMS or email reminding patient's appointment time significantly reduces the absence or tardiness thereof.
Rio Negro 1187 Of. 302 - Centro - Montevideo - Uruguay

Arte Odontologico

Arte Odontologico Network of doctor's offices in which all the distributed odontological specialties in all the zones of the city offer.
Canelones 783 ap 805 - Centro - Montevideo - Uruguay

Dental Advance Belgrano

Dental Advance Belgrano We are an odontological clinic specialized in the aesthetic one, you implant dental, blanqueamiento, rejuvenation of the smile and lingual ortodoncia. we use but the modern techniques, and but the strict norms of bio-security.
av santa fe 1907 1ro B
av cabildo 2758 1piso - Centro - Montevideo - Uruguay

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