Sonograms in Uruguay

Color doppler echocardiogram individuals and health institutions.

Consultorio Clínico Libertad

Consultorio Clínico Libertad Color Doppler echocardiogram individuals and health institutions.
El Viejo Pancho 2586 - Pocitos - Montevideo - Uruguay

Ecografías 4D - Dra. Rosina Mangarelli

4D ultrasounds Ecographic Multidisciplinary Clinic, ultrasounds pregnancy: obstetric ultrasound, transvaginal ultrasound, nuchal translucency, structural ultrasound and doppler ultrasound.
Costa Rica 1649 y Schroeder - Carrasco - Montevideo - Uruguay

Gynecologists in Uruguay
Gynecologic vaginal surgery and laparoscopic assisted. Leon unique gynecologists in Nicaragua in offering the laparoscopic gynecological conditions. ...

Radiology in Uruguay
Sale of shielding solutions for radiological use environments with lead sheets of different sizes and / or barite (barium sulfate) in sandy environments such as...

Asesores en Nutricion y Reproduccion Lechera

We specialize in management and nutrition reprodcutivo dairy herd , giving a personalized service .

Our goals are to potentiate the production maximisando training staff and resources.
Rinco 054 esquina Colon - Rosario - Colonia - Uruguay

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